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Daryl C.

I recently arrived at Iowa City and have been searching for great coffee shops. I just recently heard about Press Coffee Co., and the name suggests what they specialize in: great French pressed coffee. As far as I’m aware, this is the only coffee house in the area that offers this specific brew method, which produces richer flavors than the pour over method that is used by all other coffee shops in the area. I was stoked when I learned about this place. They source beans from three roasters. Two are local: Cappana and Caffe del Sol. They also source beans from Kickapoo, an award-winning, environmentally responsible roaster in Michigan. It’s nice to have a variety of roasters to sample from. I had a press of the Kickapoo Ethiopia, it was excellent. They even have Truvia packets for those who don’t like artificial sweeteners, which is a nice touch.  The environment is nice. Paintings of Einstein, Lincoln, Shakespeare; and a great soundsystem. Free wifi, plenty of tables and outlets, could easily work here all day. The coffee shop itself is a little bit out of the way and hard to find, in north Coralville with few signs, but worth the trip. It’s next to Kosama, which you can see from the road. And the service was great–the nicest service I think I’ve ever received in a coffee shop. Highly recommended for coffee nuts who like French press!

Alex D.

A shining beacon of hope for Coffee in the corridor.  Great atmosphere, very clean on initial impression. The staff immediately greeted me when I entered the store and were quick to serve up my order. I tried a press the first time i went as it is a good measure of the quality of beans used and it was excellent. The staff are clearly well versed in the coffee they carry which include locally roasted beans.  My friend had a latte which was equally well executed.    I didn’t try the baked goods but they looked fantastic.   On a side note who ever did the layout and decoration for this place is clearly detail oriented and did a great job IMHO. They have really interesting prints up and there are USB charging outlets around the back wall so you can plug your phone right in!    All around great place, so glad to have an alternative to lazy attempts at coffee served other places in town!

Jessica W.

LOVED this little place. The atmosphere is clean and chic, the staff was friendly and accomodating. They made a great white mocha and vanilla caramel – smooth, not overly sweet…delicious!  My only rec would be to add a few more varities of syrups – no raspberry? :( Sorry, but sometimes nothing beats a white chocolate raspberry latte! Other than that, no complaints – this is an awesome place to sit and chat or work.

Natalie D.

Great new coffee spot in Coralville. Amazing coffee and very convenient to stop by in the am before work. Also, must try the smoothies here..they are delicious!

Ivana B.

Press is tucked in the perfect spot in Coralville! I love the ambiance and the iced coffee is delicious! It’s a new favorite spot of mine and I highly recommend it!

Dolan M.

I was excited to hear that Press Coffee opened up — it’s a great idea, I’m really glad that the area finally has a place doing french press coffee (even if it’s only convenient if you’re a NL/north Coralville resident).
I think their focus on local roasters may be too limiting, mainly because the roasters they use aren’t very good IMO. Wake Up Iowa City was notably missing from their selections; not sure why, it’s by far the best in town.  They could probably find other good roasters at a state level, e.g. Redband in the Quad Cities.
Good technique here, but their selection of beans made this a mediocre cup by my (admittedly pretty snooty) standards..