The Press Method

At Press Coffee Company, we believe that French Pressed coffee tastes the best!  First, the coffee grounds are allowed a longer time in contact with the water versus a drip brewer, allowing full extraction.  Also, a press uses a metal filter instead of a paper filter, leaving all of the flavorful oils from the coffee in the cup rather than absorbing them.  French pressed coffee tends to be less acidic, creating a smoother cup of coffee.

Below is our step by step method on creating a perfect cup of French press coffee!

Step 1

Fresh Beans.  At Press Coffee Company we use local roasters to ensure we use the freshest coffee beans available to us.

Step 1v2

Step 2

Proportion.  For a 51oz Press, we use 75 grams of beans.  34oz: 45g, 17oz, 35g.

Step 2v2

Step 3

Grind your coffee beans. If available use a burr grinder to guarantee the particle size of the grounds are as uniform as possible. You want large particles, a.k.a. coarse ground. If you don’t have a grinder, no problem! We’ll grind the beans for you at our shop!

Step 3v2

Step 4

Water. We recommend 195 to 205 degree F water. Filtered water creates a better taste.

Step 4v2

Step 5

When the water is added, it makes the grounds bloom. The fresher the grounds, the larger the bloom. We recommend stirring the bloom to aid in complete extraction of the coffee.

Step 5av2 Step 5bv2 Step 5cv2 Step 5dv2

Step 6

After 4 minutes of steeping, add the filter assembly and plunge down the filter. Grasp the handle firmly and press down in a controlled even manner, keeping the rod absolutely straight. If it goes to an angle, you may let grounds escape.

Step 6v2

Step 7

Pour into your favorite mug and enjoy! :)

Step 7v2